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I’m proud to present this initiative to keep old-school programmers in the cusp of Bio* development. After long discussions and controversy, I decided that it would be extremely important to stop neglecting a good portion of developers around the world that are still trying to catch-up with new, but yet completely unreliable, software and technology.

So far, I haven’t contacted anyone regarding this project, but I guess people will be thrilled to learn about it and I expect massive signup to become a developer (first come, first served basis). The main goals and “project culture” (similar to a company culture, but in project, got it?) are:

- develop a number of OCX and DirectX and VB classes and VB modules that can be used by anyone in the bio community. Extreme focus on being backward compatible with VB 3 and 4 (both 8-bit and 16-bit versions)
- We will not care about VB .NET
- Goto is considered harmful elsewhere not here
- improve ADO and ODBC connection between VB6 and Access and FoxPro in order to mirror biodatabases such as NCBI and UniProt
- Sourcesafe is our King (or Queen? I always get confused with the lack of gender in English words)
- Development will be focused solely on technology available to VB6 by MSFT, we don’t care about third-party modules

These are the initial goals. As I mentioned before, with massive synergy between the expected hundreds of co-developers, I guess release will be in the second quarter of 2009. Early second quarter.

I keep you posted.

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